Hi basically this website is dedicated to my passion, and thats skiing, wether its down hills through gates over rails or across flat ground im going to try and incorporate it all in here but youll have to add your comments on the blog page because at the end of the day i wont claim to know the ins and out of every skiing discipline because ive got my favourites and so does every else so ill really appreciate any input from anyone just aslong as you love the sport.

the websites going to include things like news from the world championships skiing circuit and snow reports but mainly its a place where people can come together and share their experiences, stories, photos and videos about the sport they love.

Interesting Links

Heres a list of sites that you might be interested in that are all skiing related:
www.rideguide.ca    www.snowandrock.com
www.j2ski.com        www.fis-ski.com

these are just a few good sites that i know about ill be adding more as i come across them on my web travels.

I need your input

I want your comments and ideas and i cant stress that enough, this website is aimed to be a community website and it will only work if i can get as much in here as possible that people want to see so i need your input, anything you want to know or any ideas for the website please just drop me a line and email me at sambeazer@gmail.com


Heres a quick search bar so that you can search the web to find anything ski related:
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